“I just wanted to take the opportunity to let you and your team know how much we appreciate the work you have done with Jack.  The alignment work that he has done with you guys has made such a difference.  He is no longer experiencing headaches or backaches.  As I mentioned to you, we’ve seen the added benefit of improved reading skills. His eyes don’t get tired, and he doesn’t experience blurry vision now.  That is directly related to his left side alignment.  He has turned into a voracious reader. 

 Jack really looks forward to his workouts at Soulfit.  His energy, endurance and strength have improved tremendously; in fact, his posture is completely different. He walks with the confidence that you don’t see in many teenagers.  It’s unfortunate that so many kids start working out without real direction.  I’m so glad that we found Soulfit!”

-Angie V. , CFO



“Working with Elise Badone at Soulfit is one of the best things you can do for your body.  Her vast knowledge with the body using her special approach of Muscle Activation Technique will improve your body from any surgery, increase your performance for any sport, or just plain move better!  I will recommend Elise to anyone since everyone can benefit.  She is awesome! “  -Lauren Brooks Miller,  Fitness Professional, Strength Coach

“As an athlete I get a lot of aches and pains through the course of sport. Until recently I had just lived with it and let time run it’s course.
A couple months ago I started going to SoulFit to get Muscle Activation Techniques (referred there by a friend of mine), and I was blown away by the knowledge and by the results. MAT will result in better, pain free movement no matter who you are and I gladly give soulfit my highest recommendation and encourage you to try it out for yourself.”                                

- Max S. , Strength Coach



“I went to SoulFit after my second baby.  I look better and am stronger than I was before having kids. I have learned a lot about how my body works, the education has been an added bonus!” –Roxanne B. , Mother, Small Business Owner

“I have never been into the use of personal trainers and have long believed it is in general, a waste of money. I was referred to SoulFit by a friend to help my son with his awkward gait and the overall trouble and discomfort he has had running. The progress he has made over the past couple of months is nothing short of remarkable. Not only is the combination of Muscle Activation Technique and complimentary exercises doing wonders, but the way he is “handled” by Elise and the rest of the SoulFit staff keeps him motivated and looking forward to his twice weekly sessions. Based on my son’s experience, I am now taking part and I am happy to report that the speed with which my chronic and nagging injuries have been relieved has made me a complete believer. If you want to get more out your workouts, improve your performance in a sport you love, or just want to feel and move better, give these folks a call and set up a consultation. You will not regret it!” 

-Brad P., Sales Executive