Hope Gaston

Train with Intention!  No matter what your lifestyle is your body is always adapting… whether it be excelling in a sport, recovering from an injury, or just the natural progression of age.  My focus is to provide a training environment for positive adaptations such as strength and mobility required for optimal health. No cookie cutter workouts!  My training methods are fun, unique, and individually tailored to your very specific body mechanics and the demands of your lifestyle.

I am an accomplished athlete with over twelve years in the health and fitness industry.  Away from the gym you’ll most likely find me swimming, biking, running, or with my head in a biomechanics textbook!   I love working with individuals from the physically challenged to the competitive athlete.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with individuals taking responsibility for their health!  I’m honored to help you achieve optimal performance… in the gym, in sport, in life.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Neurophysiology and Health Psychology from the University of Vermont. I have attended level 1 of the Resistance Training Specialist Certification program, and am recently certified as a Muscle  Activation Techniques Specialist.