SoulFit wins Best Of Solana Beach Award:2011

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Health and Fitness Tip……

Set reasonable goals; both short and long term. For example, if getting to the gym or getting in exercise is challenging for you, make a daily goal or weekly goal.  Literally take it one day at a time. 

Long term goal: 3 months out and short term goals underneath supporting your long term goal.

Steer away from making your goal a weight loss goal and do not be a slave to the scale. Many times we stress so much over a number that our adrenal glands go into overload actually inhibiting us to reach our goals.  “What you resist, persists”

Make goals exciting; fitting into a hot dress, being able to do a pull-up, completing a 10 K…..the number on the scale will work itself out.  From experience, making it all about weight loss doesn’t work in the long term.  Making goals about overall health and well-being works.